Sunday, January 25, 2009


I have planted flowers in the vegetable garden to attract the good bugs. The calendula are the prettiest and also edible. Some things are just great all around.

Friday, January 16, 2009


I'm proud of my mum and she's proud of the veg she grows in her little garden.

Garden Sculpture

I love this garden sculpture I spotted in a city garden near my work. I'm not usually impressed with sculptures in gardens, but these large black leaves with red balls on the ends look great.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Cats and tadpoles

Here's Bubbles on the rim of our new pot. We had fun choosing it from the many available. It suits the Thalia we got as a gift a year ago very well.

The tadpoles I previously had in a fishbowl on the kitchen bench live there also. They're hungry little creatures and I can hardly keep up with their appetite for boiled lettuce.