Sunday, 20 April 2008

Our beautiful girls

Our gorgeous girls sitting either side of the gate.

Our new buffet

Today we drove 1 hour south to a really nice little town called Bangalow. We have been wanting to go down there for quite a while as there is a great furniture store there that sells chinese cabinets amoung other things. We wanted a cabinet for behind our lounge which will be our "office" of kinds. It's to house the printer and computer so that I don't have to sit it onto my lap everytime I want to send an email or add to my blog. I love it and we had a nice lunch in town also. All in all a successful and fun day out.

Steps to the citrus orchard.

Craig's latest project is a set of steps down to and through our citrus orchard. I need to still paint the bricks and plant the area around it. Craig makes the paving stones himself too.

Cabbages and a birds nest

I am very proud off my cabbages, they are growing really well.
I found another birds nest. This one is from a bird called a Spangled Drongo.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

My sister's art

My sister the artist has excelled again and done this wonderful painting. Not surprisingly she sold it within a week. Good on you Simonn!

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Around the creek

We have a tiny little creek that flows only after a good rain. Well we've certainly had some rain lately. so I headed down and got a few pictures of the creek and some moss on the roots of a rainforest tree down there.