Sunday, 28 December 2008

Eggplant (Aubergine)

This is the first time I have grown eggplant. So far they are doing well. They're the small Lebanese variety and I hope to find some good recipe's for them. Moussaka sounds like something we would like and of course there is always that great dip. I love the colour. Our young nephews enjoyed picking yellow, red and purple vegetables when they were here.

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Christmas day harvest

With the new garden in and summer being nice and wet the harvest for Christmas was nice and large. Especially the herbs. There was more than enough basil to make 2 jars of pesto for christmas gifts also.

Garden beds 2 months on

Two months on, the new vegetable gardens are doing really well. We are sharing the corn with some rats and crow's, but they are kindly leaving the majority for us. I would have thought that we would be harvesting tomatoes and capsicum by now, but so far they are only green. Our eggplants should be ready to harvest by the end of the month. We've had some great steady rain in the last few months which has saved me a great deal of watering time. Some carrots I planted from seedlings didn't do too well and were very twisted and knotted, but the ones I have grown from seed seem to be growing very long and straight. I've also planted peanuts (something I have always wanted to grow when I got more space). I have put them under wire so they should be safe from rats and birds. The yellow squash we planted have been delicious and abundant. but the zuchinni plants got a fungal disease and didn't last very long. I am trying again and have planted another 4 of them, but I think it will be best growing them in winter.

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Baby Pecans

Our pecan tree has baby pecans on it. I will have to put some bags around them soon to stop the parrots from eating them before I can get them.


The squash are producing well, but the humidity is playing havoc with the leaves, especially on the zuchinni's.

Our girls

I can't keep the girls out of the spare room they always find places to get comfortable.